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I love the law and I love helping people, so I decided I can do both and merge my two passions!

Working in personal injury for the last 10+ years, I have been able to do just that.

I helped my staff by delegating tasks accordingly.

I helped associates in their workload and training of legal drafting, and... 

I helped the partners keep track of where their files stood at any given time.


Most importantly, though, I helped my clients! 

Marble Surface


A well organized and patient person. Nathalie was an immense help to me with my case.

I look forward to working with her again!

I highly recommend!


One of the friendliest and thorough people

when it comes to working with her. 

Nathalie took the best care of my files when she was my main contact.

Nathalie brings the utmost professionalism, care and sincerity to everything she does.

Some of my clients suffered tremendously from the injuries sustained in their accidents, and I made it my business to be there for them when they called. Whether they had a bad day, needed extra attention, or had a horrible examination by a doctor.


This was my work ethic. Always has been!

What people say about me...

Marble Surface

You recognize that life doesn’t always give us what we want but you are able to find a way to turn the negatives into a learning opportunity for growth.

You’re determined, and work hard to make things go your way.


Hey There! This picture on the left is me.


On top of being a law clerk, I have also been through


Life has not always been kind to me, and I was not always kind to myself.


I found myself being there for everyone else but me, and it took a long time for me to stand my ground and put me first.

I was the go-to person for everyone to get advice or have a shoulder to cry on.

I just didn't do it for myself.

Then I realized I wasn't alone and my passion and my gift for being there for others pushed me to expand my horizons and become a coach to help others be guided to put themselves first and live their best life!

If anything I have said so far is resonating with you, or you know exactly what I'm talking about because you too have been that support person for everyone, let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

How I got to where I am today...

I have been on a self-discovery and self-growth journey for many years now, and through all of my experiences I realized that sometimes you just can't do it alone.

As someone who has experienced more than a few traumas and learned how to cope and work through my own pain to get me to where I am today, I know that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to build yourself up and away from depression, trauma, anxiety and paralyzing pain, to a life that you can look back on with pride!

After making the jump to move across the world and leave everything I knew behind, realizing my career did not exist in this new place I called home, and hating the mediocrity of working just to pay my bills, I realized there was more to life than what I was doing. 

I decided to become a coach consultant because I realized I wasn't alone in my pain. Everyone I knew and everyone I interacted with had their baggage holding them down.


From the time I was little I was always the friend and family member people turned to for advice and support.


And after getting out of my own muck and helping others, I decided to continue to help in a larger way.

What people say about me...

Marble Surface

Rather than giving up when things don’t immediately go your way, you methodically work through whatever’s holding you back, overcoming obstacles one at a time until you can identify areas for change.

You’re working for your dreams and so you know what it’s like to have to climb to the things you want rather than just having them given to you, making you a great candidate to help others do the same.

I want to be there for anyone who has suffered and feels stuck in their identity, whether self-imposed or placed upon them by the people in their life.


I am here to help you recognize the power that you already possess within to assist in your growth and manifest your greatest potential into a reality where you will live without fear of failure, judgment, or beliefs that have held you back until now.

I am not a guru or a motivational speaker.  Anything that I share in my coaching methods, I have worked on and practiced on myself.


Through my own trials, errors, and successes, I want to help you save time and money and get to where you want to be by simply guiding you on the path you know you want! Be it by helping you in business with legal drafting, marketing, management, consulting, or even coaching you to a better life!

I also identify as an empath, which gives me the strength to feel a person's pain and assess a situation. This will help me know how much to push or give space to a client in their journey of personal development and growth.

I am an active listener, which has almost always made anyone I have encountered in my life feel at ease and feel safe to share with me their life stories and challenges, which I know will help speed the coaching journey to help you get to your best truest self.



You just have to see it within yourself.


You matter. Believe it. Breathe it. Live it.

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