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As a Business Consultant and Business Development Coach, I transform overworked and dispassionate entrepreneurs and get them excited, focused and devoted to loving what they do.

I will walk you through your business goals and guide you to a plan of action and roadmap to get the revenue and success you have always wanted.

With 18 years of work experience in several fields, I have gained experience and wisdom on how to do business with clientele from all realms of life. This is the GAME CHANGER when working with me.

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Chana Mason,

Life Coach at Chana Mason Vitality Coach

Nathalie is hardworking, dedicated, and incredibly committed to the projects she's involved in. She makes herself readily available when needed, is enthusiastic and eager to learn and grow, and devours courses and programs to increase her skills.


I especially appreciated when Nathalie would help me organize my ideas into practical systems and structures, curricula, and action plans. She can juggle a ton of tasks well.


She writes top-notch business emails and communications and keeps herself up-to-date on the latest in marketing and social media.


Penina Taylor,

Master Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host

Being both a coach and a consultant, Nathalie takes all the different moving parts that go into a launch and guides the process so you just have to worry about delivering your content.


Her energy, above all else, infused my program with so much joy and positivity and she made giving my program a pleasure rather than a chore.


I highly recommend Nathalie for assistance in all aspects of creating and delivering an online program. 


Danya Nissan,

Yoga and Wellness Coach

Nathalie is very reliable, focused, organized and amazing at connecting the dots. She is very clear with her messaging.

She makes things happen and helps businesses get clear in their business goals and helps them make achievable with action plans.

You connect the dots and make everything readable getting to the hearts of your clients and to their business.

It is incredible to watch them manifest!

Together, we will work on the following:

  • Work out your ideal client

  • Marketing strategies, content creation

  • Creating business models, workshops, launches, webinars, and courses


  • Strategy for the launch and how to sell the program

  • Increasing social media presence 


  • Nurturing your existing audience to make raving fans!


  • Brainstorming and analyzing ideas to get the right ones for your brand every time.


  • Turning your dreams into a reality!

Ultimately I will help you turn your ideas into action steps, and

real execution to get Real Results!


Azriela Jankovic, Ed.D. at

Dr. Azi, Educator, Mastermind Facilitator,

Podcast Host and Transformation Coach

Nathalie is a fantastic support for coaches and consultants.


Recently, she helped in the planning and execution stages of my twelve-week program for entrepreneurs. This included setting up the Facebook group, organizing materials, communicating with the program participants, engaging with them online throughout their processes, taking notes during sessions, creating digital resources, and helping behind the scenes to stay on track with the materials and schedule.


Nathalie has a passion for both entrepreneurship and coaching, and that is apparent to all who she works with.


Rachma Friedenberg, LMSW

Nathalie brings immeasurable value to the courses she supports. Her ability to provide a clear emphasis on key components of each class enables the participant to keep things clear and organized during the classes. Perhaps she can be compared to a "de-cluttering expert" who has the gift of organizing in a way that items are both easy to find and accessible for immediate use.

Nathalie's ability to answer questions during the classes in the chatbox also prevented countless interruptions of the speaker and enabled a continuation in the natural flow and delivery of material. Nathalie's ability to provide answers to other students, as well, meant no interruption for the rest of us. It is surely a wise investment to have Nathalie supporting the presenter and ultimately supporting all of us!



At Capital Consulting, we offer Social Media Marketing and Online Business Management. 


I share my passion in helping you reach your business goals!


You will not only work together with someone who is as serious about your business as you are but when you retain Capital Consulting, you will have someone on your team who is dedicated to helping you take your business to the next level!

Our services include the following:

Administrative Services

  • Email management and editing

  • Customer service

  • Meeting minutes/memorandums

Organizational Services

  • Calendar management and booking​

  • Data entry

  • Software filing

  • Creating/managing spreadsheets

  • Powerpoint preparation

Billing & Collections

  • Basic bookkeeping​

  • Invoice creation

  • Payment logging and receipt creation


​Social Media Management​

  • Create/manage Facebook groups​

  • Create/manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn accounts

  • Post/schedule to Social Media Outlets - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


​Design Services​

  • Create/edit templates in Canva​

  • Image editing

  • Ad creation on Canva

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