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Capital Consulting offers file preparation and drafting of court documentation to help assist in all your files.

I am dedicated to help move your case along efficiently, professionally, and at the right cost to you.

At Capital Consulting, I draft the documentation and you get the BEST outcome for your client.

I will act as an agent of your firm and deliver a top quality product as you would from in-house law clerks without the added expense that comes with it.

When you retain these services, you won't need to reschedule mediation because of overload on your files, vacation requests from your staff, or unexpected sick days.


I am here for you as your personal remote law clerk.

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Adrian Lomaga,

Personal Injury Law P.C.

Nathalie is an expert clerk in all manner of personal injury claims.  For over 10 years, I have entrusted Nathalie with drafting mediation and pre-trial memos for my most seriously injured clients.  Nathalie works hard to ensure your client will get the best result possible.


Raphaël Dokhan,

Avocat Pénaliste aux Barreaux d'Israël et de Paris

It is a pleasure to work with Nathalie. I appreciate her reactivity, professionalism and competence. I strongly recommend her.


Jeffrey Shinehoft,

J.S. Personal Injury Law

I have had the pleasure of working with Nathalie over the last number of years. Nathalie is knowledgeable, professional and a real pleasure to work with.

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Overwhelmed with your caseload?


Need a hand?


Want to have a thorough review of your files and be ready for mediations or court dates?


We are here for you!



Whether you are a huge tier law firm or have a solo practice, I understand what it is like to have a full caseload with mediations scheduled months in advance, and I know what it is like balancing your time in court, meeting new clients and reviewing documentation on the case.

Capital Consulting offers various services to law firms:

  • File review and file summaries

  • Summarization of expert reports or transcripts

  • Dictation and Transcription

  • Lease Abstraction

  • Drafting Mediation Memorandums

  • Drafting Pre-Trial Memorandums

When you hire Capital Consulting, you maintain complete focus on your files. 

With these services, you can focus on gaining more clients and building your firm knowing that your files are taken care of with quality products and services.

Be assured that with my training and experience you will receive a high-quality review at reasonable rates!

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