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The Waiting Game

You know sometimes we lose our patience because we want things so bad and we want them now!

Like online shopping... we put in the order, we are guaranteed that our order will arrive by a certain date, even with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Shopping Bonanza!

And... you are waiting, and waiting... and waiting some more.

Even though you almost never look into your mailbox, suddenly you go to check your P.O. Box every other day, or every day and then you completely lose your mind.

You start to feel like you have been taken advantage of, that they lied to you when they said it was in stock and that it will come on x date.

You don't know how to handle the stress, so you go to your friends and family and complain to them. "Can you imagine! It's STILL not here! Who do they think they are playing? What kind of customer service is this??" and on and on...

Sound familiar? Tell me I'm not alone!

As soon as you start to give up and tell yourself to stop checking and wishing for it. As soon as you promise yourself you won't think about it anymore. You even give yourself a deadline - I won't care about it until next Sunday!

That's the day you stop at the P.O. Box randomly on your daily walks with no intentions, no expectations, and there it is... the slip stating you have a delivery waiting at the post office.

Really try not to smile and celebrate! You just went nuts for 3 weeks straight for no reason!

Isn't it amazing that as soon as we stop thinking about what we want, stop focusing so hard, stressing ourselves and everyone around us with our expectations, it comes to us?

Everything in life has its time.

It will happen. You will get there.

You will make it.

Now I know what you will say. How can we not be impatient when we live in a day and age where everything must be instantaneous. I want it and I want it now, and I can get it with the touch of a button.

You can prove anyone wrong with a quick Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant search. You can research and learn any new skill, tool, trick, or trait in minutes. You have the world at my fingertips... or do you?

Instant gratification only goes so far... it doesn't establish meaning, depth, strength, resilience.

All we have to do is let go. Allow the space for things to happen in their natural course - in life, in relationships, in our healing and growth, our work - be it business or career, and in our success.

Take the focus off of it, give it the space it needs to come to you.

When stressed, anxious, frustrated, impatient... We actually repel instead of attract.

So tell me... How patient are you?

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